TAMARINDO COMMUNITY TALK Italian Fashion in Tamarindo

Tamarindo fashion blog Azul ProfundoSummer in Italy brings the peak of beachwear. With beaches that gather more than a thousand people we can see trends in every body-type and age. Azul Profundo Boutique in Tamarindo loves Italian beachwear and brings this summer the perfect outfit for everybody in the family. Special cotton, mix with linen and silk that not only looks good but feels good. Italian fabrics are for sure the softer and more comfortable of all. Bikinis are all over Italian beaches, it doesn’t matter if you are a little chubby, you can still pull one out. Frilly tops and short type bottoms that covers a little bit more but still brings out your sexy side. For the most thin, multiple straps or strapless, neon or bright colors and prints that mix flowers, geometric and animal prints. Tankinis for moms, that can be match with any type of bottoms and one-piece bathing suits only for doing sports and grandmas.

Tamarindo fashion blog Azul ProfundoIn Azul Profundo we carry an open-mind bathing suit collection, you can mix everything , colors, prints, styles and sizes , make your body feel the best you can and create your own special look. What else did I find in this beautiful Italian beaches? Tunics, lots of them! knitted, woven, embroidered transparent, cotton , viscose, silk, long , short, so many tunics all around. If you are staying a long day at the beach, you definitely need a hat. The hat you wear tells a lot about your personality, visors, caps, big lifeguard style, straw hats, fedoras, panama hats, the typical beach hat that matches your bathing suit. Anyway, you pick a style and you go for it, at the store we have them all. Just try one by one and find your beach personality.

Tamarindo fashion blog Azul ProfundoWhat else you need? A TOTE. Everybody brings a tote to the beach, this year I found navy look is in. Anchors, red and blue stripes, for the anti-navy ones, flowers, geometric and animal-prints that match your bikini print. Inside your Tote you need a sarong or towel, if you went for a solid color bikini you can pick a super nice print sarong, if instead you have an eye-catcher printed bikini, you should go for a solid towel or simple sarong. Just think how you look like when you are lying at the beach over your sarong. Tamarindo fashion blog Azul ProfundoSunglasses are also very important, in Italy, I can only think about Sofia Loren and her magnificent sunglasses. So go for vintage, they don’t have to be expensive but they definitely have to be special.

The last thing that caught my attention was the sparkling, not sure we can pull that out in Junglish Tamarindo but still, sparkles EVERYWHERE. Shoes, clothes, bikinis, accessories. If you want to be in, this summer, have a sparkling something over your body. Tamarindo is far from Italy but as a cosmopolitan beach, we definitely can go for the best fashion in the world.

Written by Patricia Sterman - Azul Profundo Boutique
Azul Profundo Boutique offers individually designed mix and match bikinis, apparel, accessories, sandals.

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