TAMARINDO COMMUNITY TALK Kids Fashion in Tamarindo

Tamarindo kids fashion blog Azul ProfundoKids fashion? What is THAT? A while ago nobody talked about kid’s fashion.

Kids wear their older brothers and sisters clothes. Nowadays there is an increasing need for stylish clothing for kids. Since Hollywood kids came around media, the WAY your child is dressed says a lot about you. Is your kid naked all the time? Are your kids overdressed? Tamarindo kids fashion blog Azul ProfundoYour child clothes become an extension of your own.

Eventually, the way you dress your child today (while they still let you do this), makes a statement about his future clothing’s choices. Just like emotions, he will adopt or reject the way you taught him how to dress.

Tamarindo kids fashion blog Azul Profundo After 15 years of working in Beach Fashion, I decided to add Azul Profundo KIDS to this new era of stylish children wear. Protect them from the sun but don’t let them lose the style. I love matching my kid’s clothes with my own. I brought it from my store-windows to my everyday wear. It looks nice and it feels good. But most of all don’t forget about comfort, kids needs to be comfortable all the time to play, run and have fun with their friends. Just like we do.

Written by Patricia Sterman - Azul Profundo Boutique
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