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You can meet that very famous movie star walking undercover in the streets of Tamarindo and the next second be stuck with your car in a muddy road. Fashion is all about comfort, sweating, and still looking good. You always know that the wind and your complete day can change. I always recommend having a little bag in your car. I call it “Fashion First Aid Kit”. You never know what to expect along the road and it is good to be prepared for any occasion. What do you need in your fashion first aid kit?

You ALWAYS need a bathing suit, that special one that fits you perfect and you can wear it again and again. If you don’t go to the beach, you may arrive to a home with a swimming pool. If it starts raining you will need something to cover yourself or later dry off, this is the sarong- the bigger, the better. You can use it to sit at the beach or protect yourself from that cool onshore wind at sunset.

Tamarindo fashion blog Azul Profundo Tamarindo fashion blog Azul Profundo Tamarindo fashion blog Azul Profundo

Be Ready! Have a nice and fancy dress on hand, those that never wrinkles! You might need to change somewhere on the road… Last but not least you should also have an extra pair of sandals, sunglasses and a hat.

Written by Patricia Sterman from Azul Profundo Boutique, and photography by Kristen Brown from Samba to the Sea.
Azul Profundo Boutique offers individually designed mix and match bikinis, apparel, accessories, sandals.

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