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Surfing in Tamarindo

Costa Rica is well known for its miles and miles of beaches with amazing surf. Both the Caribbean and the Pacific produce great waves with top surf spots. Probably the most famous, yet remote surf spots, are Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point in the northern region of Guanacaste. Although difficult to reach by land there are several Tamarindo tour operators who offer weekly boat tours.

Tamarindo surfing was first made famous by the movie Endless Summer II. Tamarindo’s surf has consistent good swells and offshore winds, and is one of the more popular surfing destination within Costa Rica. During the dry season months the offshore winds blow hard shaping large waves.

There are many surf schools where beginners can take surf lessons. For those who do not wish to bring a surfboard with them, surfboard rentals are available. Tamarindo’s most popular surf spots are Pico Pequeno, Pico Grande and the river-mouth. Surf breaks are also found at Playa Grande and Playa Langosta.

Tamarindo Surf Web Cam courtesy of Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.

Costa Rica Surf Blog

by Witch’s Rock Surf Camp

So Bad It’s Good: North Shore the movie

If you haven’t seen this 1987 surf classic, STOP what you’re doing right now and add this movie to your collection.Hollywood surf flicks are pretty lame… It’s a combination of the terrible computer-generated images, the millionaire actors attempting to...

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Playa Tamarindo – January 16, 2019

  Time: 09:00AM Location: Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica Wave Height: 1-2 feet Wind Direction: Offshore Wind Speed: Hard High Tide: 10:10AM Low Tide: 4:02PM Description : The wind does not let up, starting at 9 a.m. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for daily surf...

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Playa Grande – January 15, 2019

  Time: 09:00AM Location: Playa Grande, Costa Rica Wave Height: 1-3 feet Wind Direction: Offshore Wind Speed: Fresh High Tide: 9:16AM Low Tide: 3:04PM Description : The wind no longer bothers so much.   Subscribe to our YouTube channel for daily surf reports...

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Playa Tamarindo – January 14, 2019

Time: 08:00AM Location: Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica Wave Height: 1-3 feet Wind Direction: Offshore Wind Speed: Fresh High Tide: 8:16AM Low Tide: 2:14PM Description : The wind is entering at 9 am, the best hours to surf is in the morning, perfect days for longboarding...

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How To Transition From A Longboard To A Shortboard

Do you currently only ride a longboard, but you really want to learn how to ride shortboard? Are you ready to do tighter turns, drop in deeper, and take your surfing to the next level?  After meeting and teaching thousands of aspiring surfers, this is one of the most...

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Playa Grande – January 11, 2019

Time: 07:00AM Location: Playa Grande, Costa Rica Wave Height: 1-3 feet Wind Direction: Offshore Wind Speed: Fresh High Tide: 6:05 AM Low Tide: 12:11PM Description : morning with good conditions, small waves and glassy surface Subscribe to our YouTube channel for daily...

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Playa Avellanas – January 10, 2019

Time: 07:00AM Location: Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica Wave Height: 2-4 feet Wind Direction: Offshore Wind Speed: Moderate High Tide: 5:26AM Low Tide: 11:34AM Description : morning with good conditions, waves of good shape and size Subscribe to our YouTube channel for...

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Volcano Brewing Company Opens New Brewery In Tamarindo

Wow. What started as a side hustle in 2011 has grown into another business entirely. For years we have been producing our own craft beers under the label Volcano Brewing Company. We’ve had incredible response, selling everything we could produce at our 3 surf camp...

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The Time is NOW… For Your Solo Surf Trip

Stop waiting around for a travel buddy, the time is NOW to chase your passion to Costa Rica. At Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, traveling solo has never been easier. You’ll still enjoy the sense of adventure that goes with visiting a new part of the world by yourself, but...

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Building the Ultimate Costa Rica Surf Van (part one)

I’ve always been into camper vans, ever since I was a kid. I was 18 when I bought my first van, a pea-green 1979 VW Westfalia I scored for $1600. This was the first car I ever bought and it changed my life. I started camping and surfing in Baja every month, getting my...

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When is the Best Time to Surf Tamarindo?

This may seem like a loaded question, but that’s because it is! Ask 10 Tamarindo locals and you’ll get 10 different answers. And to complicate it further, when you say, best time, what does that actually mean? We’ve made it easy for you and broke it down into...

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The Surf Seasons of Costa Rica

Waves are nothing more than traveling vessels of energy. Born from strong winds blowing in all corners of the planet, ocean waves traverse thousands of miles through open water just to come crashing down for our enjoyment. Aside from the visual aesthetics of watching...

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Surfing Etiquette: 5 Surf Rules Everyone Should Know

Surfing Etiquette can be described as the official list of rules for the sport of surfing. Having these rules allows us all to surf in harmony with one another.  If there were no rules to surfing the lineup would be total chaos! For this blog I researched the Internet...

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6 Eco-Friendly Surf Products You Can Feel Good About Using

As surfers, we are some of the first to feel the effects of pollution and climate change. The ocean is our playground and we try our best to keep it clean, but when the tools of our trade are contributing factors to rising oceans and carbon emission we are put in a...

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Your Guide to Bringing Home the Best Costa Rican Coffee

It’s no secret that Costa Rica has some of the world’s best coffee. Our temperate inland climate, rolling grassy hills, and rainy season provides the optimal conditions to produce supreme quality coffee beans. With every sip you take each morning you’re here, you’ll...

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Celebrities Who Rip

We’ve all seen the tabloid snapshot depicting some A-lister hanging on to a foam board, for dear life, while vacationing in Bali or Hawaii. But there are, in fact, a few celebrities who legitimately rip. Whether surf tripping with pros or pulling into barrels in front...

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10 Breathtaking Hikes to Take in Costa Rica

You came to Costa Rica for the waves, we get that, so did we. But there is so much more to Costa Rica than the coast. Costa Rica’s highest point of elevation is 3,820 meters (12,533 feet) that’s just under the elevation of Mount Owen in the Teton Range of Wyoming....

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Tamarindo Surfing

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