The rainy season gets a bad rap, probably due to its name. But the truth is, Costa Rica is never more alive than it is during the rainy season – and remember – we’re talking tropical rain; so it’s always warm! And thanks to nervous travelers who are scared to get caught in some measly afternoon showers, you may find yourself all alone in once-crowded line-ups. Here are 5 reasons why the rainy season is an absolute must in Costa Rica, so book your ticket and come on down!

1. Mornings Are Still Hot & Sunny

There is still plenty of sunshine to go around during the rainy season. Usually, mornings are clear and sunny, which makes them perfect for any activity you have planned. From surfing, snorkeling, exploring the cloud forests, to taking a wildlife tour. The rain typically comes in the mid-late afternoon and will last until sunset. I’ve always found afternoon rains relaxing. Nothing beats surfing all morning, grabbing a great lunch and curling up with a book in a hammock during the afternoon rain! Check out this previous blog, How Rainy is Rainy Season?

Tamarindo Dry Season

2. The Best Sunsets

The truth is, Tamarindo sunsets are spectacular year round. Nowhere have I seen them more vivid than here in Costa Rica;  the intense shades of orange, pink, purple and blue are mind blowing, but they’re particularly impressive during rainy season. Perhaps it’s the moisture in the air from the rain, maybe it’s magic, but they certainly seem to be even more vibrant and colorful.

Tamarindo Dry Season

3. Lush & Beautiful Vegetation

You’ll never see a more green and lush landscape than you will during the rainy season. The land truly comes alive. Rivers and waterfalls are fuller, the rain and cloud forests are denser, and the wildlife is more active both in and out of the water! So be sure you spend some time exploring inland!

Tamarindo Dry Season

4. It’s Cheaper

Wanting beach-on-a-budget? Then rainy season is definitely the best time to visit! Hotels normally have three different seasonal rates: low, high and peak. Low is rainy season and also when prices can be significantly less than high season. In addition, car rental rates are significantly lower, restaurants and tour companies offer special deals and we have some of our best WRSC packages available. Lastly, If you plan on getting your scuba diving certification, do it during rainy season, as most places offer a discount during this time.

Tamarindo Dry Season

5. Uncrowded Line-Ups & Empty Beaches

Just as rainy season tends to scare off tourist from popular locations, traveling surfers are far and few between during the peak of rainy season. This means uncrowded lineups! Even beginner and learning breaks will be significantly less crowded. I’ve made my way to Playa Grande during the rainy season and found myself alone for a great surf session. Plus, it’s a rare thing today to find a beach all to yourself; but during the rainy season, it’s possible. Simply take the little ferry boats across the rivermouth and start walking. Eventually, you’ll stop passing people and find yourself in peaceful isolation. So, if having a tropical beach all to yourself sounds like your type of thing, book your tickets now!

Tamarindo Dry Season

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