The perfection of Costa Rica’s waves was bound to produce an elite professional surfer eventually. The manifestation of thousands of ripping Ticos across the country is none other than Carlos Muñoz.

Costa Rica Surfer

Carlos is a Red Bull sponsored athlete who competes on the QS and makes his fellow Costa Rican surfers proud. Muñoz grew up in San José for much of his childhood before moving to the coast. Like many of us, Muñoz began surfing on a beat-up hand me down board, but he soon graduated to boards covered with sponsor stickers.

Costa Rica Surfer

Muñoz first appeared on the professional surfing radar with a first-place finish at the Volcom Pro Junior Championship in 2010. Since then, Carlos Muñoz has scored perfect 10 rides at the Pipe Masters, competed all over the world, and even been featured on the cover of prominent surf magazines.

Costa Rica Surfer

Carlos is known for his massive arsenal of aerial maneuvers, his hard work ethic, and of course his Pura Vida spirit! Carlos has represented his country in eight ISA world championships, making his bold style known to the world. Red Bull has dubbed Muñoz The best surfer in Latin America, and rightfully so, just check Carlos rip in the clips below!


Carlos Muñoz, Addicted To The Moment

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