Last week I was checking out the waves having my morning coffee when one of the kids from the shop came up and told me that Eli Bouchard had just rented a surfboard.

So I googled his name. And then I watched this 8-year-old kid setting a world record pulling off double backflips on a snowboard in Quebec. What a stud! I had to meet him.

I ended up hanging out with Eli and his family for the week they were in Tamarindo. They were really cool people. It is always a pleasure to meet young athletes working so hard and achieving so much.

This video shows what happens when this young kid, full of drive and determination, decided he wanted to pick up surfboard and try surfing. He only needed a couple lessons with our instructors before he was on his way to surfing stardom. Keep it up kid.

What’s even cooler is that Eli’s dad stayed at the surf camp 15 years ago, long before he ever had kids. This trip was his first time back to Tamarindo, and he couldn’t believe how much the area had grown. He was truly stoked that the surf camp was still sitting right on the beach doing what we always do, and we were truly stoked to get the opportunity to share surfing with his son.

Pura vida from Witch’s Rock Surf Camp!

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