In 1963 Bruce Brown, Mike Hynson, and Robert August completed an 8-month surf journey that circumnavigated the globe. Bruce shot tons of film, edited it, and released the surf classic The Endless Summer later the next year. The rest is history.

But how did this all come together? What was it like to travel to remote Africa? What was the scariest thing that happened? What advice can be given to others looking to embark on their own journey?

Looking for answers, I sat down with Robert August and interviewed him for my new podcast Get Out and SURF. I asked him some personal questions about his background and making the movie The Endless Summer. Robert’s stories were definitely inspiring, and I thought it was only fitting to share the episode with you.


You can also listen to this podcast on Itunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and other podcast players. Pura vida!

What a surf trip in 1963 might have looked like

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