There are many ways to get to Tamarindo. You could fly into San Jose and rent a car, fly a puddle jumper, take a bus, or book a shuttle. But all those options will take up time, and unless you plan on visiting other locations near San Jose, starting your vacation closer to your final destination might be a much better choice. Fortunately as travel to Guanacaste has increased so have the direct international flights flying into Daniel Oduber Quirós Airport, the international airport eight miles west of Guanacaste’s capital Liberia.

A small airport when it opened in 1995, it has grown over the years to accommodate 800,000 passengers per year. No longer a tiny terminal with a few chairs placed haphazardly throughout a dinky terminal it now features several modern terminals and amenities such as money exchange, duty free stores, gift shops, WiFi, ATM, snack bar and restaurant.

The drive from Daniel Oduber Quirós to Tamarindo is about an hour and a half. There are several international car rental agencies, shared and private taxis, shuttles and public buses. Check our Land Activities page for pre booked shuttle services to Tamarindo. As of 2017 there are twenty one cities with direct flights (see above), this number can change rapidly though so make sure to check with your airlines before planning your trip.

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