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Playa Grande

The beautiful beach and quiet community of Playa Grande, located just north of Tamarindo in Guanacaste remains largely unspoiled. Playa Grande attracts mostly Eco-tourists and surfers who enjoy the tranquility of lodging inside the Las Baulas National Park, nesting grounds of the critically endangered Giant Leatherback Turtle. The long crescent shape beach is largely empty and most construction is set back from the beach so that no lights shine on the nesting grounds at night. The miles long wide beach is a surfers paradise and its moderate and consistent surf breaks are considered one of the premier surfing spots in Costa Rica. Playa Grande offers a scattering of hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants and mini markets. There is a dock in the estuary where pangas will ferry visitors back and forth between Playa Grande and Tamarindo.

Giant Leatherback Turtles

Las Baulas National Park is home to the endangered Leatherback turtle, the largest of the sea turtles. The turtles come ashore to lay their eggs from October to March. Turtle tours are offered from Playa Grande and Tamarindo. The number of Leatherback turtles has seriously declined as a result of egg collection and from Asian shrimp vessels and long-line fishing boats. The Leatherback Trust strives to conserve the Leatherback and you can donate through their website.

Getting to Playa Grande

Playa Grande is located just north of Tamarindo. Cars can be rented in San Jose (4 hrs), Liberia (1 hr) and in Tamarindo (30 min). The closest national airport is Tamarindo Airport, serviced by Nature Air and Sansa. Bus shuttles to Tamarindo can be arranged through Interbus and Grayline. Taxi service by car and by boat from Tamarindo to Playa Grande is readily available.

Playa Grande Directory

playa grande hotel and restaurant

Ripjack Inn

Boutique beach hotel offering surfing, yoga and open air tree top restaurant.

Visit Ripjack Inn Playa Grande Hotel.

playa grande restaurant

Cafe del Pueblo

Home made pasta, pizza, Italian cuisine, night time live entertainment.

Visit Cafe del Pueblo.

playa grande vacation rental

Roberts Surf Rental

Secluded vacation rental in multi national neighborhood, with nearby restaurants and bars.

Visit Roberts Surf Rental.

playa grande surf shop


Surf lessons, surf tours, board rentals, shop, photography and video.

Visit Playa Grande Surf Shop Matos.

playa grande restaurant

Mamasa Restaurant

Locally sourced quality food, daily specials, open from January through May.

Visit Playa Grande Mamasa Restaurant.

playa grande vacation rental

Palm Beach Rentals

Vacation rental in luxurious Palm Beach Estates, on large landscaped lot.

Visit Palm Beach Rentals.

playa grande surf shop

Frijoles Locos

Surfing lessons, rental equipment and tourist information.

Visit Playa Grande Surf Shop Frijoles Locos.

playa grande hotel and restaurant

Cantarana Hotel and Restaurant

Small boutique hotel and tree top restaurant close to the beach.

Visit Cantarana Hotel and Restaurant.

Playa Grande Costa Rica

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