1. Direct cross Atlantic flights for only £329 or $435 with Tui.co.uk!! You can now fly direct from London to Liberia, these flights are easily fund on the ‘cheap flights‘ section. Adding luggage is a little more pricey but lets be honest, who needs more than a hand luggage allowance for Costa Rica? Flip flops, check. Bathing suit, check….


2. New York LGA to Liberia round trip for only $334 with United Airlines!! With one quick stop on the way down here and one going home theres never been a better time for a beach break.



3. Las Vegas to Liberia round trip for only $389 with United!! Roughly 8hrs each way with one stop of around 1hr 30mins. Definitely worth a gamble.


4. Vancouver to Liberia round trip for only $280 with United!! Wipe the snow off your boots and come and enjoy the sunshine for crazy low prices. If this is a little last minute mid march flights from Vancouver were only $360.



5. Calgary to Liberia round trip for only $256 with….. UNITED!!!! United for the win again. This fantastic deal is 1 stop on the way down to paradise and 2 quick ones to get home. Totally worth it.


Stay in touch for more super saving flight deals!!

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