How To Save Some Surf Money
Friends help friends surf.

Way back before there was such a thing as social media, there was simply just ‘social’.

The human connection is a powerful force, and the word of one person to another carries weight that can’t be matched. Whether through Facebook and Instagram or via phones and old fashioned face-to-face conversation, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp has become what it is today because our guests told their friends about their amazing experiences here. Well, we want to reward those who share the love.

Our 50/50 program is super simple- Every time a friend books a surf trip with us and drops your name as the referral, you’ll each get a $50 credit. Refer a group of guests, and you’ll have a nice bar tab waiting for you the next time you come down!

Easy ya? Thanks for spreading the love!

Got an amigo that needs to surf with us? Have them contact us here

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