Tamarindo is a true melting pot of cultures. Name any country, and we can tell you about a guest we’ve met over the years at WRSC. Travelers come from all corners of the world to visit our surf camp, each with their own unique story. If you’ve ever been to WRSC, you’ve witnessed the wide-ranging demographics that our surf camp pulls in. Apparently, surfing is an attractive lifestyle no matter who you are, or where you come from.

Working in the reservations office, we have been asked just about everything… But one of the of the most popular questions remains ;

“What are the demographics of your camp?”: Male vs Female; single travelers vs families; popular countries of origin..the list goes on. We’ve made it easy for you; as a reservations team with over 30 cumulative years talking with guests, we crunched our numbers to provide an easy overlay of the WRSC demographics.


Female – 60%
Male – 40%

Surfing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Traveling as…

Single – 35%
Families – 30%
Groups of Friends – 20%
Couples – 15%

Surfing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica


0 – 18yo – 8%
19 – 25yo – 12%
26 – 35yo – 35%
36 – 45yo – 31%
46 – 55yo – 15%
55+ – 9%

Surfing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Surf program

Non surfers – 5%
Beginners – 60%
Intermediate – 20%
Advanced – 15%

Surfing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Traveling from

North. America – 65%
South America – 6%
Central America – 8%
Europe – 10%
Australia – 5%
Africa – 2%
Asia – 4%

Surfing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Guest status

Return Guest – 45%
New – 55%

Surfing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Top priority

Hardcore surfers (surf.eat.sleep.repeat) – 35%
Adventurers (Surfing, tours, exploring) – 30%
Poolside dwellers (Relax, tan, surf) – 15%
Night crawlers (Surf and “socialize”) – 20%

Surfing in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

No matter how old you are, where you’re from, whether you’re coming solo or with the family, you will feel an overwhelming sense of community the moment your walk through our doors. Everyone is here for an active surfing vacation so you’ll easily make friends and trade classic stories. Looking to plan your next surf trip?

Our reservations offices are open 7 days a week with real, live agents eager to answer your questions. Give us a call at 1-888-318-7873 or drop us a line at witchsrocksurfcamp@gmail.com

Talk soon!

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