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This is where we could put a long and detailed description about why you should come to Tamarindo.

We could talk about how the ocean is so warm, that when you float in it, all your worries melt away. Then we could tell you about the Howler Monkeys who will cheerfully wake you up so that you can experience a glorious colorful sunrise. We could also share how exhilarating it is to set sail in the bay, catch your first sailfish and ride your first wave.

We probably could then finish it up by mentioning the delicious food to be eaten at small little local cafes, the exotic cocktails to be drunk on rooftop bars, the dancing to be done at night, the friends to be made and the memories to be created.

But the truth is that as you go through this website you will realize all this yourself. So instead we will just tell you one thing: Hurry… flights might be on sale today!

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Tamarindo Hotels and Resorts


Since Tamarindo and Langosta is small, most hotels, cabinas, camps and hostels are within walking distance from the beach. Some lodgings are small family owned businesses while others will be international chains.

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Tamarindo Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfasts

A Tamarindo bed and breakfast is a great way to get an inside look into the lives of those who call Tamarindo and Langosta home. Many are located on the beach, and breakfast will likely feature Costa Rica’s delicious fruits.

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Houses for rent Tamarindo Costa Rica

Vacation Rentals

A vacation rental is a good lodging option. Most rentals are in either Langosta or Tamarindo and can range from house, to condo, to apartment. There are several grocery stores as well as a grocery delivery service.

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Explore Tamarindo

tamarindo tours
Tamarindo Adventures


Although there is nothing wrong with lazing on the beach all day, there are many adventures to be had in and near Tamarindo.

Nothing beats the trill of zip lining above the tree canopy, discovering deserted beaches by horseback, exploring the jungle by ATV or snorkeling among large schools of fish.

Volcanoes, caverns, and waterfalls are just a short bus ride away. And the very best way to enjoy Tamarindo’s many glorious sunsets is with cocktail in hand and breeze on your face while sailing on a large catamaran.

Now we want to tell you a story

A story about Tamarindo, Playa Grande, Avellanas, about travel tips, food, entertainment and about surfing, getting married in Tamarindo, buying property and…

Well, you get the picture.

Playa Grande – January 15, 2019

  Time: 09:00AM Location: Playa Grande, Costa Rica Wave Height: 1-3 feet Wind Direction: Offshore Wind Speed: Fresh High Tide: 9:16AM Low Tide: 3:04PM Description : The wind no longer bothers so much.   Subscribe to our YouTube channel for daily surf reports...

Playa Tamarindo – January 14, 2019

Time: 08:00AM Location: Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica Wave Height: 1-3 feet Wind Direction: Offshore Wind Speed: Fresh High Tide: 8:16AM Low Tide: 2:14PM Description : The wind is entering at 9 am, the best hours to surf is in the morning, perfect days for longboarding...

Playa Grande – January 11, 2019

Time: 07:00AM Location: Playa Grande, Costa Rica Wave Height: 1-3 feet Wind Direction: Offshore Wind Speed: Fresh High Tide: 6:05 AM Low Tide: 12:11PM Description : morning with good conditions, small waves and glassy surface Subscribe to our YouTube channel for daily...

Playa Avellanas – January 10, 2019

Time: 07:00AM Location: Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica Wave Height: 2-4 feet Wind Direction: Offshore Wind Speed: Moderate High Tide: 5:26AM Low Tide: 11:34AM Description : morning with good conditions, waves of good shape and size Subscribe to our YouTube channel for...

The Time is NOW… For Your Solo Surf Trip

Stop waiting around for a travel buddy, the time is NOW to chase your passion to Costa Rica. At Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, traveling solo has never been easier. You’ll still enjoy the sense of adventure that goes with visiting a new part of the world by yourself, but...

Tamarindo Overnight Trip: Explosive Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano is Costa Rica’s most famous volcano – and one of our favorite day trips (even better: overnight trips!) from Tamarindo. On slopes where once flowed destructive red-hot lava, now grows an explosion of rainforest riches: soaring palms, dense foliage, and...

When is the Best Time to Surf Tamarindo?

This may seem like a loaded question, but that’s because it is! Ask 10 Tamarindo locals and you’ll get 10 different answers. And to complicate it further, when you say, best time, what does that actually mean? We’ve made it easy for you and broke it down into...

Top 5 things to do on your Costa Rica vacation

If you have plans to visit Costa Rica, make sure to check out the top 5 things to do on your vacation below. There’s something for everybody in Costa Rica! 1. Diamante Eco Adventure Park If you love wildlife, you’ll love this nature park, plus, you’re guaranteed to...

Property of the Month: La Perla 161

Welcome to La Perla 161, a distinctive and exclusive Tamarindo vacation rental When you close your eyes and see perfection, what does it look like? In the tropics of Costa Rica, on the iconic coast of Guanacaste, we’d imagine it looks a lot like La Perla 161, a luxury...

Coming Soon: Ocaso Underground Music Festival

This year’s Ocaso Underground Music Festival Tamarindo will take place January 2-7, 2019, in three picture-perfect (literally!) Tamarindo locales What do you get, when you blend the great beats with tropical vibes, an awesome festival with Costa Rica’s best music?...

7 of the Best Dinners in Tamarindo

Seafood lovers (and every other kind of foodie), you’re going to love our choices for the best dinners in Tamarindo, an eclectic foodie town at the heart of Costa Rica’s restaurant scene A vacation in Tamarindo. A getaway to the Pacific. A trip with your feet buried...

Property of the Month: Casa Lomas del Mar

Casa Lomas del Mar overlooks Playa Grande and Tamarindo ocean views Have you ever stepped into a home where it felt like you were still outside? Casa Lomas del Mar is like that. Indeed, Casa Lomas del Mar has that special something: Light-filled interiors, walls made...

Best Happy Hours in Tamarindo

Langosta Beach Club easily makes it onto our list of the best happy hours in Tamarindo There’s nothing quite like winding down a Tamarindo day with a cold drink in your hand, the ocean at your feet, and the sand between your toes. Well, nothing quite like it, except...

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