Costa Rica Vacation Rental

When people travel to Tamarindo or other parts of Costa Rica for the first time, they are often surprised at some of the cultural differences; not of the people, but the amenities offered in their vacation rental.

Typical accommodations rarely reflect the Hilton experience, a welcome change for many travelers. To get the authentic Costa Rican travel stay, you could waltz into a town and asks the local bartender if she knows of any place to stay, but that’s a risky proposition we don’t recommend.

Chances are good most travelers will find authentic lodgings a little too rough. For this reason, all Horizon Pacific Vacation rentals offer modern amenities. If you go outside of our rental options, you’re likely to find some or all these features in your rental.

Costa Rica Vacation Rental

Suicide Shower

Top of the list is the electrically heated shower head. North Americans usually panic when they see electrical wires connected to the shower.

This is common throughout Latin America, even in nicer homes in Costa Rica, although most are upgrading to centralized water heaters.

Lest you should find one of these in your rental, don’t freak out. The name is used in humor. Although you can find horror stories online, you will be hard-pressed to find any real dangers using one.

Just, be smart. If for any reason the wiring is not shielded, don’t touch the wires. There will be a toggle on the head for you to adjust the heat.

Be advised, they work best when you don’t crank the water pressure, and they can get HOT. If your rental has one of these, it won’t likely have hot water from any of the taps.

Costa Rica Vacation Rental


Gringos call this “the sock,” but the official name is chorreador. It’s a coffee maker, one that once one gets used to it, there’s no going back.

The chorreador is the original pour over coffee maker. Unlike modern pour over system, the chorreador gets better with age.

It is a felt sock, with a wire ring stitched into one end. The sock sits in what is usually a wood ring, several inches above the counter. You’ll want to rinse off the sock, no soap if it’s used (hopefully by you).

Ring it out, then scoop in some coffee grounds; two to four tablespoons should do. Prep your mug, boil your water, then pour the water through the sock into your mug.

Most of our rentals have a modern drip coffee maker, but we recommend picking up your own chorreador to take home.

Costa Rica Vacation Rental

No Screens

Screens on windows and amenities like air-conditioning are kinda new to Costa Rica, spawned by the growing community of expats.

The central valley, where the highest population lives, has no use for AC. Many houses don’t have screens, especially in the barrios. Their climate stays cool enough that a few fans get them through hot summer days.

In Guanacaste, especially in Tamarindo, the AC market has been growing since the 90s. Most places around here offer AC and have screened windows.

Your rental from HPV will likely have both in most rooms, but don’t let it surprise you if the one you find on Craigslist or elsewhere doesn’t. Bring plenty of repellant or just book with us.

Costa Rica Vacation Rental

Patio Furniture Inside

Decorating interiors is an art. North Americans like couches they can flop on, sleep on, and get lost on they’re so big.

Costa Rica has come a long way in the furniture department, but most of the distributors are closer to the capital. Still, in our rentals, you generally find furniture like you’d expect back home, but we can’t speak for other places.

Don’t let it surprise you if your discount vacation rental has what looks like patio furniture around the television. It’s hard to know why this is the case, as many Costa Rican homes have caught up to our floppy furnishings standard, but for some reason rentals aren’t always there.

In good news, hammocks aren’t usually too far away.

Costa Rica Vacation Rental

Light Bed Coverings

Even in climates where the temperatures drop into the chilly range, like Monteverde, you may not find much more than a sheet and a summer quilt on your bed.

Around Tamarindo, the answer to the unasked question is obvious. It’s hot here; we don’t need much to wrap up in for the night.

The good news is, in most vacation rentals, if you ask for something heavier, the hosts can usually accommodate you.

When you come stay in one of Horizon Pacific Vacations rentals, if you need anything, ask us. In fact, if you’re even thinking of staying with us, you should ask us questions. We love being helpful. It’s our secret sauce.

Horizon Pacific Management & Rentals is located in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Offering vacation rentals, property management, long-term rentals, as well as a complete concierge service. Providing you with a local contact during your stay, Horizon Pacific is a company you can trust, with the experience you need.

Written by – Horizon Pacific Management. Costa Rica vacation rentals, property management, long term rentals and concierge service.

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