Just because you’re on a surf trip does not mean you have to rough it on date night. In fact, Tamarindo is home to some of the best fine dining options in Costa Rica. Gone are the days of sketchy eats and cheap beer fueled surf trips. We want you to have the best experience in Tamarindo possible, both in the water and at dinner. We put together a list of 5 must-try fine dining options in Tamarindo.

Pangas Beach Club

Situated on the far North end of Tamarindo Beach, just above the estuary lies Pangas Beach Club. The peaceful ambiance of Pangas Beach Club is unrivaled in Tamarindo. The breezy beach club is a great place to grab an afternoon cocktail and enjoy a beautiful sunset. At night, Pangas transforms from a beach club to a high-class fine dining establishment. The menu combines Costa Rican flavors with modern fusion dishes and has something for everyone: Vegetarians, meat lovers, and seafood enthusiasts.

Bamboo Sushi Club

Nothing beats fresh sushi, and it does not get much fresher than straight from the waters off of Costa Rica. Bamboo Sushi Club is located in the middle of Tamarindo but boasts a quiet, unique, and romantic setting inside. The menu is comprised of traditional sushi rolls, Asian dishes, and a few specialty rolls. The fish, with the exception of the salmon, is all locally sourced and as fresh as possible.

Dragon Fly Bar & Grill

Founded in 2005, Dragon Fly Bar & Grill is widely considered one of the best dining options in Tamarindo. Elegant menu items that combine traditional Costa Rican flavors with international twists, fine wines, great cocktails, and craft beers make Dragon Fly Bar & Grill a dining gem in Tamarindo. Conveniently located next to Tamarindo’s only mini-golf course.

Seasons by Sholmy

Seasons by Sholmy offers poolside Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of Tamarindo. The menu features freshly caught seafood, vegetarian options, several meat dishes, and a “you catch it we cook it section” for fishermen. This is one of Robert August’s favorites.

El Coconut

Just up the road from us at WRSC sits El Coconut. This fine dining establishment prides itself on its international menu and diverse wine selection, with over 1000 labels in their climate-controlled wine cellar. The staff takes pride in their excellent service and the atmosphere is perfect for a romantic night out.

Patagonia Argentina Restaurant & Grill

Another great date spot, Patagonia Restaurant & Grill offers some of the best flavors in all of Tamarindo, With excellent sangria, classic meat dishes, fresh seafood, unique vegetarian options, and even homemade pasta, Patagonia is sure to be one of your favorite Tamarindo spots. Since its grand opening, Patagonia has been a hit with everyone in Tamarindo. If there is one spot on this list I would recommend calling ahead and making a reservation, it would be Patagonia Argentina Restaurant & Grill.

We hope you’re hungry!

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